Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Stranglers - Not just for Christmas

The Stranglers: Birmingham O2 Academy
16 March 2013

Reflecting back on last nights Stranglers gig, it was quite a rum affair, third time in 12 months I had seen them, including a set at V Festival employing the sun to come out with Always the Sun and Golden Brown which worked brilliantly.

Yesterday was a Christmas Pressie from my mate, me, Mrs P, quiz teamers and wife met up, after I had seen Annie at the Garrick with the kids and they had seen England thrashed by Wales in Walkabout, questionable who had the better afternoon.

Going to Rodizio Rico for a bite to eat was interesting, the Brazilian equivalent of a Harvester © Paul. Basically you get a bit too much from the salad bar then (if you set your coaster to green) every 20 seconds or so these nice Brazillians bring you a different slab of BBQd meat, which is very meatilicious.

Great, if somewhat filling meal and we were off to the O2, wandering in we got the usual waft of Hotdogs from the corner, which didn't sit well on top of the meat feast, neither I suppose did the fact that I had been to Cheltenham the day before, drinking Guinness from 11 until bed time, punctuated only by strong lager with tea, a hip flask then a night cap then bed.

So you get the idea, jaded, then on came The Stranglers, who provided a great set, there is no other band I know that lead so strongly with the Bass, which makes the songs I don't know pretty listenable compared to the normal bands fillers, mind you as the countdown (up) at the start of the gig showed. They have been around for a number of years, and years, and years.

Touching moment for Baz, No Cheese No Gig Warning
The expected stand out tracks were there (with the exception of all day and all of the night cover which got me into them in the first place) and when I see them pigeon holed as old punks, then listen to songs like Golden Brown and Always the Sun it shows it's lazy to do that.

A few things, it was the Feel It Live tour, and bassist Jean Jacques Burnell decided we should feel the bass which with booming feedback left the chap in front of me, already with ear plugs in, grab his ears in pain, it was also the 500th gig of 'the new guy' (Baz Warne) and he was presented with a framed montage which was a touching band dynamic, 13 years and still the new guy. Finally Jet Black came on for the second half of the Gig replacing his young understudy, he's a big man and loved by the audience.

A great evening, but now knackered, thank goodness for small children waking me up at the crack of dawn.

Setlist from Here

  1. Encore:
  2. Encore 2:
  3. Tank 

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