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Fossil Collective at the Yardbird Gig Review

Fossil Collective @ the Yardbird
Gig 31: Sun 10 June 2012

The last day of my holiday rattling around, fed up about having to go back to work and so it seemed incredibly sensible to go and see a band to take my mind off it. In fact this was a gig that I was looking forward to as it would be my third time of seeing The Fossil Collective, and I was becoming a bit of a stalker, if one can be a bit of a stalker at the age of 40 fitted in around a young family and work.

So a quick tweet to find out when they were on, and the Pub Quiz was deffed out again. Arriving at the Yardbird with a bit of time to spare I found that something must have aligned in the stars because everything was going my way:

i) Walking into the venue a little early it turned out that........there was no entry charge...Freebie!
ii) There was a bar stool available right where I wanted to be sitting, making me feel like I was a member of cheers whilst supping my pint of Coors
iii) The Ireland v Croatia game was on the TV right in front of me, which was a nice twist as I got to watch the Irish wupped (not so good), with lots of talk about a contentious offside goal (played onside) and the Villa Goalie manage to score a nice header into his own net, pretty good feeling.
iv) Oh yes and a couple of bands were coming on!

The first band up was a support act called Sam Eden, who was local (well from Malvern in Worcestershire) and battled for attention with the crowd which was filling out and talking robustly when he started. I enjoyed his set, and felt for him battling on to make a living as a singer songwriter, as he pointed out he's not signed and doing his bit the best he can. Looking back with a couple of weeks grace, his songs had something about them and he won the battle with the audience.

He had a good level of banter between each song about what they were all about and swapped between the guitar and keyboard. In my opinion the guitar tunes took the edge, but then I've never been too much of a fan of Elton John sitting at the piano singing moments. Standout tune, probably Footsteps but pretty entertaining, I would suggest purchasing it!

After Sam Eden had finished and received a standing ovation from an incredibly young looking orange T Shirted chap on the front row, we had the lull between the bands, livened up by the 'did you know there's no such thing as death' conversation which kicked off on the bar stools next to me, and the Ireland game (which had been quite distracting for me whilst Sam was on) came to an end.

The Fossil collective took to the stage at around the same time as the young student posse from Edinburgh arrived to watch the Fossil collective. Again another quality gig, lots of great humour and banter about the set, particularly when the same orange T Shirted chap had a song dedicated to him for his enthusiasm, just when he stood up to go to the loo. Well we can't wait all day suggested the band, querying whether it was a number one or two as he left the stage. Quite amusingly when he came back, and they were mid song the must have been a wee comment went straight over Orange T Shirt's head.

Just shows what a glamorous lifestyle it is for a band up and coming as they were looking forward to finishing the Yardbird gig, being the last of the current tour as they will then be off for a break and not having to spend the night 6 to a room in the hotel, and when quizzed on what format their debut release was taking the following day, it was simply electronic - all purchased though!

Pointing again to the superb harmony's from the fossil collective and standout single 'Let it go' is easy, I will be back - and getting in contact next time they are in Brum, especially as Jonny knew my name, unlikely I will be in Edinburgh again!

Also love the cover of Power of Love which has been on the ipod on heavy rotation (if thats relevant to the zero's and ones of an ipod) over the last few weeks

which you can download for free here - BOOM!!

Buy That Single off Itunes

I am now officially a stalker, I'll get my coat.

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