Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gutted by the Demise of Word Magazine

That issue that caught me
The demise of the Word magazine

How gutted was I to hear of the demise with the August issue of the word magazine, only massively, for loads of reasons, here are my top five.

1. I had only just discovered it, I had trimmed down my reading to just the old favourite Q over the last 5 years, gone was NME, Uncut, Mojo due to the joys of small children taking up all the waking hours, but having bought the Suede covered edition (I.e. with Brett Anderson on the front, not furry to the touch) I had fallen in love.

2. It provided me with a way into loads of new music in a really easy manner, the monthly cd was imported into the iPod and into a smart playlist which whittled down the gems to follow up through rating them after I had decided how good they were - the inner geek in me loved this.

3. It came at me from all angles, emails recommending me stuff, listening to songs in the car, regular guest slots from contributors on the Radcliffe and Maconi show, podcasts, a website - I couldn't get away from it - it was only a matter of time before I got to go to London for one of their gigs.

4. The podcasts - like being part of the cool kids conversations, not the cool kids now but the people you wanted to be mates with when you were a teenager, all reminiscing about how great things were and interviewing people who liked to reminisce too. I love to learn stuff and the podcasts taught me stuff.

5. Mom and Dad bought me the subscription for Christmas, and it was the best present they have bought me for years as it was brilliant every month, I have told them this loads of times and they are chuffed they gave me such an ace pressie.

Blimey, top 5 and I didn't need to mention the quality magazine and it's writers.

Booooo to whatever lack of money caused the end of this venture, it became a way of life for a very short time and felt written simply for me, perhaps I am too niche to keep a magazine afloat on an annual subscription alone from my parents.

Anyone else find that this was a magazine that just clicked?

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