Sunday, 30 September 2012

Marc Almond @ Birmingham Symphony Hall Gig Review

Marc Almond: Birmingham Symphony Hall
Gig 41: 28 September 2012

After filing deadline day passed, a couple of beers sunk at a leaving do, I was off to Symphony Hall, to see Marc Almond. Heading up to the gods, the usherette suggested me and Fabrizio (I found his name out later) go to the box office to get stalls tickets, following which I settled down to watch support act Baby Dee, not much to write home about massive red dressed shaggy haired 'entertainer' on the piano who emptied the room.

A 15 minute interval then Marc came on, the voice amazing, flanked to my delight by Neal X from Sigue Sigue Sputnik and an hour or so of excellent tunes, for the die hard, full of passion and emotion, and the odd bit of flamenco style, a handbag moment when we were told off for talking and going to the loo in the quiet songs, not as bad a crime as the lighting mans crime of yellow lights destroying the mood.

We had a cracking tribute to Andy Williams who had died this week, and then a pick up and a half, Gene Pitneys, somethings got a hold of my heart, Jackie, Ruby Red, the days of Pearly Spencer, Tainted Love, Bed Sitter, Say Hello, Wave Goodbye followed by one of the best covers I have ever seen to finish with, Trex's Hot Love.

Interestingly his was the first time I have seen the Symphony Hall rocking, with everyone on their feet. It felt like party time, and I can see why someone like Fabrizio gets obsessed by Marc Almond (he is, we discussed this,he found out when Marc had his motorcycle crash).

All round brilliant.

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