Sunday, 24 April 2011

I spy with my Beady Eye

The first of 2 long bank holiday weekends and by Easter Sunday I am suitably chilled and up to see Beady Eye, or diet oasis (without Noel). Arriving in Wolverhampton not having managed to do my homework with the album, I wondered what Liam Gallagher would have in store, wandering towards the gig you could tell it was going to be a big one as the streets were filled with a beered up mod army, with amounts of hair on show that made me feel folically challenged for a change rather than simply old.

Getting into the gig I was very chuffed to find that I had booked a balcony seat, front and centre to see the gig, and even better the bar upstairs was one deep in queue and the bar maid asked me over the chap in fronts shoulder before I even had chance to get ready for a pint of Fosters. After 4 months enforced abstinence the beer was suitably lovely.

Settled in for the support, Steve Craddock from Ocean Colour Scene, he was ok, nowt to write home about until he got enthused about the last song which was a pretty good tune. What he didn't explain was the 10 years old kid sat next to the keyboard player not playing the sleigh bells in time, I sat their all Dad wondering if he had ear protectors on.

The build up to Beady Eye was very well done, a building of mod anthems, the Jam's that's entertainment, Sex Pistols God Save the Queen, and finally the Stone Roses I am the resurrection which whipped up the crowd into a frenzy, beery chants of Liam, Liam broke out, a huge intro tune followed by Liam and band walking on. At that point the crowd erupted in beer, loads of beer flew, and what made it more of a spectacle was that Wolves Civic Hall were serving beer in 3 pint pots.

The first 3 songs were very tight, banging songs, with Liam doing exactly what the crowd wanted and expected, having perfect attitude whilst standing immaculately in a Parker looking cool as fuck. Gem and Andy Bell flanked Liam looking quite assured and the tunes really bashed out of the speakers, and you could see this was going to be a first class gig.

A highlight Was the song Bring the Light with it's driving chorus of 'baby come on' and the piano being thumped out like it's supporting Little Richard or Jerry Lee Lewis. The piece de resistance was the backing film for it was impressive with 3 dancers looking like the 3 degrees bouncing round, cracking.

As the gig rolled on, it flew by, each song crafted either to sound like an Oasis song, or a song stolen from a classic band, Beatles, Stones, Who etc. But it really worked, and the band knew it, Liam seemed suitably impressed with the crowd, saying something that was met with cheers before the encore and then at the end, but for the final song he did climb down into the audience before leaving stage right, pretty cool.

All in all, a quality gig, with a really Hugh atmosphere. I only remember the Garbage gig there coming close ever (being their second gig in the uk when arriving for their debut album tour which was electric). Seeing Liam up close like this, without a football fields worth of people like Knebworth or V festival was great. Who cares this was Oasis light, I am quite a big fan of diet coke.

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