Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The realisation of the task of a Marathon

Hello, its just about sinking in now, in 183 days I will be running 26.2 miles, why you may ask would I want to do this??

Well I love achievements, and have always wanted to run a marathon, ever since I was little. BUT I thought my time had passed, 37 and knackered chasing Dylan round the Garden did not suggest this was the way forward.

However a few drinks, and I agreed to sign up to the Birmingham Half Marathon last year, and I told loads of people, so peer pressure and ipod & nike's collaboration meant I spent 6 months training and did the half marathon in under 2 hours (37 seconds under 2 hours).

I felt this was a massive achievement, raised a lot of money for charity (people did not believe I could finish) and continued my running, and have a place in the London Marathon next April.

This is really going to be a massive challenge, look at my profile picture, I look knackered and I haven't even managed half the 26 miles at the time. As this is going to be a massive challenge I want to raise some money for a worthy cause, I don't plan to do this again!

My charity is the Miscarriage Association, who help people at one of the most challenging times in life (said talking from experience) so please give generously.

I have included a link to a video montage of Team Philpott messages to give you something to hold over me as blackmail in due course which may raise a smile.

Finally, please feel free (please do) to ask me how my trainings going, I respond well to peer pressure and its bloody cold running in winter so I need the encouragement.


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