Friday, 18 May 2012

Reflections on Birmingham's season

So how do I feel about not being promoted this season, a few days after the end of the season and I am remarkably relaxed about it, as this season has proved the most exciting probably since the days of Barry Fry.

Watching the game, there was the typical Blues moments, soft goals just before and after half time, but probably more typical of Blues these days is the fight back, how many games this season have we fought back, or gambled to win and been rewarded with last minute goals.

This season has been so different to the last campaign in this division (under McLeish which ranked as the dullest I have seen for years). Having a system of aiming to win, with real pace and trickery on 2 wings and a number of centre forwards who can find the back of the net relatively regularly is just fantastic.

Other amazing things this season, 4 goal Zigic sinking Leeds, the power of Nathan Redmonds shots, and the sheer intake of breath the crowd takes when he picks up the ball, how Burke ( Burke Burke will tear your apart again) just jinks past players at will, and again, and again. Plus some of his goals, step over curl into the top corner amazing. N'Daw, a monster, amazing before the African nations cup, shoooot whenever he had he ball n he opposing half, Murphy, finally seeing off cheating Ridgewell to claim the left back position for himself, marauding down he wing and scoring cracking goals time and time again, scoring 2, 3, 4, even 6 goals regularly in games, from all over the park, a back 4 that became invincible whilst we were still attacking in nature, only losing once at home all season, with some really long unbeaten runs, a European campaign, where we really went for it, the only British team ever to win in Bruges. Dealing with set backs time and time again and a team we were proud of, the players we had all being players who seemed to want to play for each other.

Looking back on previous seasons, could I say I felt the same excitement all over the place, I think not. Plus seeing the Vile torn apart by the manager the stole from us (now with our blessing) has been amusing, plus the collapse of other jumping ship players at their clubs.

Plus my boy went to his first game and we moved our seats to the back of the /Kop corner.

This could have been so different with our money troubles, but it's been great.

Although I fear we may not see the same first team and manager in place next year, but when has the life of the Blues has never been easy.

I'm looking forward to the Blues playing again with the added benefit of a Wolves derby again.

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