Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dara O'Briain Craic Dealer Review at the Hippodrome.

Dara O'Briain at the Hippodrome.

Another free lunch, client entertaining, and a trip to the Hippodrome. However it came at a price as it meant that I needs d to spend the evening with everyone from work doing look its Dara jokes as I look (not very) like him at all. The show however continued to show the similarities went further than just the physical, same age, 2 small children, one boy one girl and so it was very easy to relate to his act, whether this be the 'something for the dads'  or the dancing moves being ruined by kids and needing to dance hunched over holding 2 little hands.

Great interaction with the crowd in the front couple of rows, amazing how keen you have to be in a music gig to get close to the front and comedy to not get close to the front, nice to see the best seats in the house were occupied by someone from a ticket agency.....

Two bits of homework, Oban fireworks going off in 45 seconds rather than 30 minutes and Montgomerys super injunction, which I shall google soon.

Amazing to think that we had Dara, Lenny Henry, Jaspar Carrott, Derran Brown, Michael McIntyre and Peter Kay at our Christmas parties, alas those days have gone now the recession has kicked in.

Good bit of heckling from the crowd asking Dara to speak more slowly as they couldn't understand him, put him off stride for a second and an excellent bit of the set slagging off TV psychics and astrologers (astronomers, nom nom nom Professor Brian Cox is good enough to each, astrologer, log, unit of poo!!!)

Wrapped up nicely with a fake on off stage for an encore and finished, a few more jokes about how I looked like Dara and the evening was over. An excellent night out again, he never fails to entertain.

P.S. The fireworks were impressive 

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