Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ren Harvieu creates Glee

Gig 14 of the year was Ren Harvieu, an incredibly bargain £6 from the Glee club, with no pesky booking fees etc from what I can recall. Another new singer who came to light on the back of Rad & Mac's cracking show.

Support for the night, having legged across the city juggling needing to find an open cash point with needing a leak was provided by Fossil Collective. A pretty good band from what I can remember for a support. Lead singer with loads of charisma and a light beard, with the rest of the band having successively bigger beards. One importantly must have grown his beard due to his incredible likeness to Jimmy Carr, which mainly meant I spent the performance thinking how much he looked like Jimmy Carr with a beard. The bearded Jimmy Carr had a plethora of random instruments, including a mini keyboard you blow down and a mini guitar, all added nicely to the tunes. The other band member of note being the keyboard player (beard and sweat band round head) and the group rounded off by bass player (with beard) playing double bass, which being electric only had the strings rather than the wooden bit. Good band I wouldn't mind seeing again.

Overall - Fossil collective - Nice Harmonies, strumming guitar, good beard action.

Ren came on from behind the set doing a cover of Roy Orbison's Crying I think, seductively slinking on to grab the G of GLEE and then proceeded to rattle through a short set. The main thing about Ren seems to be the pipes, fantastic vocals, live she will run anyone very close, the power that came out of all of the songs was phenominal. Which given the GLEE club's brilliant policy of unrestricted all seating (perfect for a single chap to sneak in between polite people who leave a gap) meant I had Ren's voice from 1 row back.

The other things that I noticed were the crutch which came onstage (she has had a real issue, potentially never to walk again), the nice white pumps - which didn't really fit with the little black dress (back related?) and the fact that Ren looks exactly like one of my mates wives, well a younger version.

Value for money and a half watching Ren, and an album to purchase in due course.

Stand out track - Through the night for me, unsurprisingly a single, as below!

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