Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lemonheads in Derby

Lemonheads at the Venue Derby

Gig 19: 21 April 2012
Arriving at the venue proved a real challenge for the sat nav as it kept trying to send me down a pedestrian alley, although I let it redirect me incorrectly down the same no left turn junction twice.

Arriving at the little Venue, tucked away it was interesting, a poster listing it's plus points for hiring as a capacity if 250 and ample parking, which were definitely true. Feels like a big youth club.  The loos had a school loo smell to them, bit mouldy maybe, but a reasonable new Venue on the scene.

The support band were local lads the Fontana Instincts with 'bluesy sounding country/folk' who are clearly at home in their home town. A really assured set, with the singer supported by a sitting picking guitarist - first time I have seen this since Dolly Parton, and a good looking lady on bass. I will be watching their progress as they record their debut with interest.

The crowd thinned and I wandered forward, I got closer and closer and then was right at the barrier. This seemed a good idea until my ears started aching with the noise, but I held out for Evan Dando, man of legend (well he was legendary in Melody Maker when I avidly read it) to come on stage, he played 3 quick acoustic guitar led tracks to rapturous applause. He looked at ease with a guitar in hand, well worn with long hair beard and red lumberjack shirt. He kept banter to a minimum to say the least.

On came the band and I slunk back in the Venue to enjoy a race through a 75 minute set, Evan swapped the acoustic for an electric guitar and launched into tunes at breakneck speed, with a thank you in between and the next song starting before applause had died down, feeling a bit rushed.

It's a shame about Ray was a standout for me, as I have always loved the song, it was able to transport me back to the days of courting Mrs P, joss sticks, chilled life, which was worth the entrance fee alone.

The rest of the band went off for a few more songs, simple 2 minute pop songs, played on Evans electric guitar, then they were back for a finale, Style, sample lyrics to finish

Don't wanna get stoned
I don't wanna get stoned
But I don't wanna not get stoned
I don't wanna not get stoned

Summed it up nicely, no encore, would have been nice to hear Mrs Robinson, but hey, all good.

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