Saturday, 14 April 2012

There's no such thing as a free lunch (with the Futureheads)

Futureheads, Nottingham Glee Club, 12 April 2012

There's no such thing as a free lunch the saying goes, but sometimes the 'free' lunches taste so nice you don't begrudge paying a bit for them.

Why's this relevant for gig (16) of 2012, well because the fantastic Glee club, fast becoming my favourite venue, offered free tickets to see The Futureheads new gig. This was perfect because whilst liking the FH, accapella is not really my bag, compared to indie rock, but my record collection is eclectic, so why not, Glee also sorted out the ticket on the door when I couldn't do the code on website bit.

Apart from being in Nottingham rather than Brum, a minor oversight, and running a bit late, and it pouring with rain, torrentially, all was great for my freebie. Sitting down on came the support, the Cornshed Sisters, I waited with cider in hand and it was 4 lasses, all with personality, banter between tracks and sharing lead duties on all the folky but beautifully sung feisty songs. There was even a run out for their joke 'I had a drunk Spanish actor in the pub last night, Havier Bardham?, no he's just had a warning' best said with a Mackem accent.

A Mackem accent was important, because the middle singer (obscured by the end singer as I watched, who looked like Mrs Doyle from where I was sitting, in a good way) looked very familiar, and as this progressed it became clear that she was Marie Du Santiago from Kenickie and Rosita, having seen Kenickie a few times I even recognised the swaying side to side action whilst singing, and style of banter.
After the support set, I had to run out the venue, get some cash and run back (Glee has very helpful bouncers) to attack the merchandise stall, buying my first new vinyl for a long long time, Cornshed Sisters new album, and this was nice white vinyl, with download code, happy days. I also had it sold to me by Marie, and entered my usual star struck mode, merely commenting how ace they were and how well she had aged, to the comment of how young she had been in Kenickie. Mrs Doyle made sure that I got my free tote bag with my vinyl which was much appreciated.

On came the FH's and I was looking forward to it given Marie's reassurance that it would be brilliant. The first thing that was brilliant was that they were surrounded by many and varied (acoustic) instruments, so we were out of solely accapella territory, secondly here were 4 really witty chaps who seemed to be best mates having a laugh in between superb songs, challenges about the number of bottles of water consumed, showing nipples, ripped trousers, being the best on stage, quizzes to win sweaty towels all made for a Jarvis style audience interaction.

The Futureheads also were very good at dealing with hecklers, well one heckler from Chester Le Street, who was very keen to give us a running commentary and join in. This was topped off by the lead singers off the cuff comment in McIntyre of 'I'm getting pretty McIntyred of you' a superb put down, and Chester Le Street went quiet, and his made got up shakily, fell onto the wheelchair lady behind him and they exited stage left.

The set was really varied and mixed, Blackeyed peas and Kelis covers, FH songs done folk and old traditional songs. They all came together fantastically with the highlight for me being a cover of Sparks 'number one song in heaven'.

An encore and finish with the Hounds of Love (Oh Ah Oh) and it was back to the merchandise stand for the Rant album.

Whilst not a free lunch in the end, definitely worth while.

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