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Getting on the Chain Week 1

RacMac in Hoxton Bonnets
Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconie have been constant companions of my listening to music for a long long time. I can remember organising to drive places at work to coincide with Mark and Lard in the afternoon, being accompanied for 6 months on the morning drive to Melton Mowbray when they briefly got the breakfast show, going late night on Radio 2 (sadly now shut down) joining forces with Maconie, moving earlier, bringing on Sir Nodwood of Holdershire, emotionally finishing on Radio 2 (I saved the last show on Radio 2 to listen to whilst running the London Marathon that year) and switching to 6 Music, with a mammoth 15 hours of Radio a week (not including Freak Zone, Music Club, Peoples Songs, Folk Shows). Who said you can have too much of a good thing.

So having a full time job, and not one that is a graphic designer in Brighton means that I have to use the listen again function, which coupled with Wiretap allows me to have Radmac whilst getting up and going into work, and on the way home. As a result, when they celebrated 2 years of shows I realised I had celebrated all of that with them, every show!

The Photo there is from this website, Link credit where its due

I have always wanted to get onto the chain, but as its live, I don't have much chance, except for the overnight drunken answering machine, so from this week onwards I am going to try, and see what they choose and decide from my perspective whether they were right or wrong to go with the other tune. Now this will be biased as I will be picking tunes I like, but lets see how we go.

Linking onto 3599 - Steel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution.

I put a lot of thought into this link, first I went with, Steel, and 'Saphire and Steel' the show with David McCallum and Joanna Lumley. Not knowing any Saphire songs, I could go with other precious stones, Diamonds and Pearls - Prince maybe, or Diamonds from Sierra Lione by Kanye West. Liked this link but no.

Then going from Pulse, you get Pulse Tone phones - so onto Tone Loc, sadly 'Funky Cold Medina' had gone, but 'Wild Thing' was available, but then, as I am a Brummie I decided to go with Birmingham locations, as Handsworth is in Brum, I thought Hollywood is also a Birmingham location, and I knew that Suede do a fantastic song 'This Hollywood Life' which had gone, as had the good Frankie Goes to Hollywood ones.

Elsewhere in Brum is Moseley, so I found my link, with Ocean Colour Scenes album Moseley Shoals and 'The River Boat Song'

Obviously I wasn't going to get in on my first attempt, and this is forever associated with TFI Fridays as its theme song. But I was beaten by

Jose Gonzalez and Heartbeats (from Pulse to Heartbeats)

 Which was used for the Sony Bravia, bouncing balls advert, and is a cracking song, so I admit defeat on this one, good choice Radmac. I am downloading this from I-Tunes as we speak.

So next chance, Linking to 3602: Doves M62 song

Prince - When Doves cry (Doves link) - gone
St Etienne - Like a Motorway (Motorways link) - gone
St Etienne - Avenue (types of road) - gone
Bangles - Going down to Liverpool (as the M62 goes to Liverpool! clever) - oo maybe
The Streets - (types of road again, plus another Brum band so lets try them), Dry your eyes - gone
Don't Mug Yourself - Available - done

Nope, went with Guillemots - Annie lets not wait,

Great song and a Brum Band - lets call it a draw then

Day 3:
Link 3605 Rufus Wainright - Little Sister

First choice for me, Art Brut - my little Brother


But funnily enough everyone went with Martha Wainright's Prosperpina

I am having that one, why, because its my game and I think Art Brut's song is better anyway!

Day 4: 3608 Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

Away from the computer, I thought Patricks, well Patrick Duff is from Strangelove, so lets go with  Strangelove, Beautiful Alone.

This was a song I really loved, presumed it was a great single but as there is no video on Youtube, and everythings on Youtube, I guess it never was and so that was never going to win in my game, check it out though, great song.

They went with Peter Bjorn & John's Young Folks:

I love this song, so well done you win, 'can't believe it hadn't been on the chain before'

So I guess I must try harder, using a scoring system of 1 point for a win and 0.5 for a draw, RadMac are currently beating me 2.5 to 1.5. Which is galling given its my game and my rules, but will drive me on for next week, and anyway they have years of Radio experience to fall back on:

Radmac 2.5
Me 1.5

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