Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Rolling Stones Hyde Park Excitement

Rolling Stones Hyde Park July 2013

An impromptu post today to reflect the excitement about booking tickets to see ageing Rockers, but enough about going to see Adam Ant at Leicester in a few weeks time, I will now be going with Mrs P to see the Rolling Stones at Hyde Park this summer, it's not Glastonbury, but as they say, been there done that and I will be getting to see living legends.

Thank you Barclaycard for priority booking!

Immediate memories that the Stones bring to me, my Dad's enthusiastic singing of Satisfaction (often at discos or parties thrown for my Mom's 30th and 40th birthdays), my enthusiasm for the cover of the same song (by Samantha Fox) and the daily commutes to Liverpool Uni from Roscoe & Gladstone Halls in Beardys motor where Hot Rocks was the tape played day in day out. Beardy's motor was a nice little white mini clubman which was broken into by local scallies once when they merely stole the car battery, either a comment on the car, or the fact that you could open the boot using your finger nail to unlock the boot.

Beardy was called Beardy for his impressive Beard (few held at Uni), was from York and we have lost touch. A great mate who was known for being a big Sheffield United shirt wearing Goal hanger in the after dinner footie games, and part of our sister house later on when we were in Woodlands Road.

A final tale re Beardy, we did the same maths course, and having taught him a proof, that we knew would be coming up (always good to question spot in exams) in a revision session (one of the few that didn't descend into drunken thunderbird sessions) the exam came round.

After the exam I went over to apologise to him as the proof hadn't come up, only for him to be raving about how he had aced the question with the proof in. Turns out it was on the final page of the exam and I hadn't turned over to it, hey ho!

But the Rolling Stones this summer, as they say in Sympathy for the Devil woo hoo! To Be Continued...........

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