Tuesday, 2 April 2013

On this day in History #2 (a bit of) Take That!

On this day in History #2

Music is definitely in the ear of the beholder, and there is no guarantee to what you will like, which is why 8 years ago in 2005 I found myself in the bar at the O2 academy Birmingham waiting for Mark Owen to come on and rattle through a short set of his solo material. Now you may be laughing here, thinking its a wind up, this is obviously some cool folk singer with the same name as the cute one from take that, but no 'twas he. It's quite odd, I can absolutely say without any fear of being wrong that at that time I hated, with a passion every song that Take That had previously done. A fact born out when I went to see them with Mrs P a couple of years ago, the set of new stuff and the stuff from Robbie was great but when the boys got together round a piano to sing the old songs, the old feelings of revoltion were awakened.

But back to Mark Owen, he always (with Robbie) seemed to be a laugh in interviews, then post break up decided to record an album of Britpop indie tunes. In those days I loved Britpop indie tunes, still do. Loved Clementime the second track off his album then he rerecorded the song 'I am what I am' off the album and charted at 29 before he was dropped by his record label, this again was a tune I really rated.

5 years later after winning celebrity big brother he was able to get another record deal, and 4 minute warning was the single off it he released, another cracking tune.

Concert wise, this was not too memorable, an early curfew meant he was finished by 9:45. He's not got the strongest of voices, but the singles were good old fashioned Indie Pop tunes. However I did find something that the earlier me penned 8 years ago, to go in my scrap book (it never got past 2003 though)

The new album!
'As no one's likely to review this, a homemade review will have to suffice. Me and Lyn were shepherded into a side door, the academy 2 was 2/3 full and with largely medium ladies. Mark Owen came on at 8:45 to Take That screams, lots of camera flashes & played predominantly songs from the new album. Within these ones sounded a quite Bees ish, mockney tune. Mark chatted between songs, introduced the band & the soundmen! thanked us twice for coming and complained about the school disco next door. Stand out tracks were Clementine, 4 minute warning & kill with your smile. All over by 10 and then home'  
People know I love my music, and know I love to see bands live, they always raise an eyebrow when I admit to enjoying the work of Mark Owen, but I am comfortable in my musical skin.......

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