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Wall of sound A-Z: Daisy Chainsaw Eleventeen

Purchased for $3.99 probably on BOGOF
Wall of sound A-Z D Daisy Chainsaw: Eleventeen

What do you get mixing Bubblegum pop with a deranged mind, well I think it's Daisy Chainsaw. I first came into contact with Daisy Chainsaw at Uni in Liverpool, they were on my favourite weekly post pub show the word. The debut song was a blistering sing called 'Love your Money' as mentioned a Bubblegum Pop with an incredibly grungy bass coming through, as you can see below.

This was in the days of vinyl and 12 inch singles, which usually would have extended mixes on so imagine my disappointment when the 12inch mix was the same as the single, clocking in at less than 3 minutes. But the cover art is, a work of art.

This was probably the moment I moved away from pop and closer to Indie, I see huge similarities in this song to songs by Transvision Vamp and yet it is grungy and mental too. The enthusiasm for this album also drove me and Baggy from my house to go into Liverpool to see Daisy Chainsaw in concert in a little club. I don't remember too much about it, the club was very dark, down stairs and felt like a cellar. We went in pottered around, had a couple of pints and then found a small paper sign stating gig cancelled. We left pretty sharpish as we were well out of our comfort zone.

Looking at the album, it's got a label from the states, a bargain bucket purchase from one of the trips to America where, Pre kids I would drag Mrs P to local record shops in whichever city we went to, grabbing pages of the equivalent of the yellow pages and free music magazines to find them. The one year I got that many Britpop failed CDs (Britpop not being as huge in the US) in bargain buckets I had to jettison the cases to avoid excess luggage costs.

This CD didn't get much of an airing though, a quick play years back showed there wasn't anything quite like Love your Money and it sat on the shelf, so playing it back again has been like investigating a new CD.

It's quite an interesting album, I feel insane being quite interesting with mumbled insane lyrics, a few other album tracks feeling like Bjork singing, the odd ticks and chirps in the lyrics. Katie Jane Garside the singer being a really unusual grubby looking singer, with per Wikipedia live performances consisting of

The band's live performances were noted for their wild histrionics, often featuring Garside onstage drilling doll heads and drinking juice from baby bottles.

Probably a good job I didn't see them live in the darkened cellar, I would have been scarred for life.

Listening to 'Love your Money' does bring back memories, as this was played a lot a lot at Uni, on numerous mix tapes, on the boom box in my room. Plus this arrived when me and Mrs P started courting, as such the Wierd bells in either ears, left to right, the grungy bass takes me right back to the serenaded 'Love you Clairey, Love you Neily' duetting we would be doing to the song, it's brings a smile to my face. The other striking part is when the song comes up to the pause followed by 'gadadangererdang duh derdangdangderanger' superb.

The rest of the album has some other poppy bits and other deranged bits, nothing getting anywhere near the brilliance of Love Your Money.

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