Saturday, 13 April 2013

Getting on the Chain week 2

Getting on the Chain week 2

After a first week of failure, to get on the chain, and to even have come up with songs I thought were better than those chosen by R&M, it was time to focus.

To recap the challenge, as I have listened to Radcliffe & Maconie, on listen again for all the time they have been on 6 music, the overnight drunken answer machine is the only way I can interact with them, offering up my suggestion for the next link on the Chain overnight.

So I will choose my link, phone it in, and then will compare to the song selected (assuming its not mine) whoever has the best song gets a point, and I get to choose the best song.

The rules of the chain, great song, can't have been chosen before, any sort of link, don't have the same link as before....

Week 2 and funnily enough I didn't get on the chain, but this was how it ran, I missed the weekend link having too much fun, then:

Linking into 3617: Pink Floyd - Bike, now I couldn't do Bike, so had to do something on Pink Floyd, then I had a brain wave, Floyd on Food, Keith Floyd's excellent cookery show from the 70's gave me a link to any other acts on food, Food Records, and the mighty Blur.

Blur have been on the chain a lot, The Universal, There's no other way, Beetlebum, Park life, Music is my radar, Tender, Girls & Boys, Song 2, Coffee & Tv, Charmless Man, Tracy Jacks, For tomorrow, This is a low, No distance left to run, Out of time, Sweet song, Country house, Chemical World, To the end, She's so high, end of the century....

But not long lost single Pop Scene - boom, I know Maconie loves this tune and he's on his own this week,

But no, a guy called Gerald, Voodoo Ray won out, as Bike mentions Gerald. Good song, but I claim victory for a brilliant link today.

Next up, linking onto 3620 Black Grapes Kelly's Heroes:

Googling the film Kelly's Heroes, it stars Clint Eastwood, which was a song by Gorillaz (but it's already gone on the chain) as have most of the singles by Gorillaz, except 19-2000 which was my link.

They actually went with a Songs that have the same name as a film and New Order, Thieves Like Us.

Good New Order track, but not a classic in my mind, not as good as 19-2000, so I am on a roll, 2 nil for the week.

Then linking to 3623 Hot Butter - Pop Corn:

Couldn't have a Hot link, so it was PopCorn, and boom, what else do you have at a cinema with pop corn, often in a meal deal, Cola, and Cola Boys song Seven ways to Love. Janet Lee Grace singing on the number 8 single in 1991 teaming up with St Etienne.

What beat me - Junior Walker & the Allstars - Pucker up Buttercup

Fair play, that's as good as Cola Boy, so let's call it a score draw.

So for this week I win 2.5 to 0.5.

And running total new leader, I am winning 4:3

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